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ruou vang Phap

Ruou Nhap Khau
How to Open a Wine Bottle?
Method No. 1, the method traditional
Materials needed Cut the cap
Materials needed
A bottle
A corkscrew
Cut the cap
Using the small knife,
cut the top of the cap.
Screw the corkscrew Lever
Screw the corkscrew
By stabbing the center
Screw progressively
Until the end of
The pigtail
While building on
The edge of the bottle,
Pry (continued) Done!
Pry (continued)
To facilitate this operation,
you can hold the bottle
between your legs.

And Yes!
It's as simple as that!
The second method or the secret weapon of Jean -Alain
(or how to open a bottle without a corkscrew !)
Materials needed Put bottle in place
Materials needed
One bottle
One shoe
And it's all!
Put bottle in place
Enter the bottom of the bottle
in the shoe heel
Typing on a wall The cork comes out
Typing on a wall
While maintaining
bottle, slap on a wall,
Knock sharply,
While taking care of
to not break the bottle
The cork comes out
As see on 1 and 2,
The tap begins
to rise.
Remains to get out Done!
Remains to get out
Once the tap is released
to the three- quarter,
it only remains to finish to
to get it out by hand!
And yes!
It's as simple as that!
It was my secret method !
Ruou Nhap Khau


Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, take care to consume and enjoy it in moderation.
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